UCARD Product Teardown

UCARD Product Teardown

UCARD as at 12:00pm 15th September, 2022


Product Validation.

For individuals and businesses that find it hard to purchase airtime and utility bills.

UCARD is a product that enables users to carry out regular daily transactions without any hassle.

A UCARD's user is the family person or (9-5) working class individual.

With UCARD, you have the opportunity to be Resellers or Agents.



Wallet, Send money, Buy airtime & data, Buy Exam pins, Pay bills, Motor insurance!?

Problems Noted & Suggestions.

UCARD doesn't have a landing page. Knowing what UCARD is all about before downloading isn't visible. ucard.com.ng should be the landing page.

Basic info about UCARD can be found on CrunchBase.com

DNS set-up has to be done properly. "ucard.com.ng" and "ucard.com.ng" are 2 different pages.

The mobile view of the website is distorted. Not responsive and irregular. The desktop view is nice and attractive.

Items (symbols) registered as special characters need to be reviewed (',', '.', and '%' are not accepted) for the password field.

UI and UX need to be improved. There is a grid-locked feeling once the mobile app is signed into.

The verification process is great but the email sent is just too empty. Sending an email with a greeting and other information is great for customer experience. Sending just the code is crude. Phone Number verification seems to be an issue.

As of this moment, most of the problems with the product are from design and development.

Reviewing other features in the product can not be done without completing the verification process, which seems difficult at the moment.


The agent and reseller interfaces are the same even though some features won't work for the agent as they will for the reseller. The verification process for the Agent is better and easier than that of the reseller. No major issue with the verification process.

Problems & Suggestions

Mobile verification happens twice which seems to be redundant because it's the same process.

During registration, the number of characters for the address has to be over 5. If this is less than 5 characters, no notification of error is given until BVN Verification is done. There seems to be no space from this error as there is no way of correcting it and the account created becomes useless.

A precise workflow should be created defining each step of the process before design and development are done.

Verification of the "settlement bank" is great but after the verification, a number pops up as the Bank name instead of the actual bank name. GTBank: 00013

Funding the account with USSD and Transfer is just perfect (especially for businesses)but funding the account with Card, seems to be disabled.

The Buy Data feature is visible for the Agent user but not useable. Its removal would be preferred for the Agent User Dashboard.

A general redesign of the app will be appreciated. Its simplicity can and colour can remain but a redesign is important.

The ability to copy the account number from the app for transferring would be nice. This will improve the user experience.

Generally a nice product, but it still has a long way to go. From redesign to development and improvement to promotions before it is accepted by the general public.