Teardown of Remedial Health

Teardown of Remedial Health

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For hospitals, pharmacists, and chemists, that desire drugs and equipment at wholesale and/or can't afford them, Remedial Health is a pharmaceutical and procurement supply system that enables hospitals, pharmacies, and chemists to gain access to drugs and other medical equipment at discounted prices and also through a financial support system.

The product is built for Doctors in Hospitals, Pharmacists with a Pharmacy, and chemists and their stores. Doctors prescribe drugs or equipment needed that can be supplied by Remedial, pharmacists need it for drugs that can be supplied, and Chemists need the product for drugs and equipment that can be supplied.

Not known due to the verification process. Assumption: From manufacturers of the drugs. The drugs and equipment are discounted and are sold at wholesale price. Their product assists in making drug and equipment purchases and lets the individual pay gradually. (Loan app but for pharmacists and other drug stores)

Other info can't be determined due to the verification process.