QuickCredit Product Teardown

QuickCredit Product Teardown

For individuals that desire to get access to easy cash for quick transactions.

Quick credit is built for the working-class individual that lives from cheque to cheque.

QuickCredit makes money from the interest it gathers from the loans it gives as well as late fees. Possible Income: The sale of data or use of data gotten from accessing contacts, phone details, apps installed, and other personal details can generate great income.

Major Features:

  • Data collection
  • Loan Application
  • Loan Disbursement
  • Loan Collection

Data Collection: the data collection feature is seamless and consistent with loan apps in Nigeria. Based on policies and methods to ensure the collection of loans with interest.

Loan Application: the feature is quite quick depending on the completion of the Data Collection Feature.

The loan Disbursement and Loan Collection process was not fully reviewed because no loan was collected, due to high-interest rates.


  • The About Us page is empty and does not tell the story of the product
  • The Brand doesn’t seem to have a brand-dependent contact email. Using a Gmail email address does not speak well of the organisation. Having a work email creates trust with its customers.


  • The QuickCredit Product is quite simple and straightforward. This is important for every user experience. Here are some suggestions to improve the product.

  • Dark Mode should be created for the app or the green colour (theme colour) of the app should be darkened based on user preference. The bright nature of the app isn’t the best for the eyes.

  • Interest rates on the loans are ridiculous and should be reviewed. Its usage will not be limited to desperate users among targeted users. This barks a question about the real purpose of the product.