Product Teardown for Bible for Kids

Product Teardown for Bible for Kids

A full teardown of the Bible App for Kids which is a game-like application for Kids of tender ages.

For young children that do not know about the Bible and God (Jesus), Bible for Kids is a product that helps parents guide their children via bible stories and simple quizzes.

The product is built for children, kids, and people with no knowledge of God but is handled by parents.

The product is free and no money is made from it.


  • Gameplay

    • Sound

    • Music

    • Sound effects

    • Animations

    • Images

    • Reading

  • Coins and Points

  • Quiz

  • Activity (each level)

  • Parent Consent Feature

  • Download Gameplay feature

  • SignUp/SignIn Feature

Gameplay: The gameplay is the activities within the game. It includes reading summarised scripture and animated images for interactions.

Quiz: set of questions based on the gameplay

Activity: A gameplay feature that contains other games like memory games, labelling, and more

The Parent Consent Feature: is an excellent feature added based on the different doctrines of the Christian nation.

Download Gameplay: enables a user to download gameplay at a time or at once.

SignUp/SignIn Feature: this allows the user to sign up and sign in to save the progress of the gameplay.


  • A Crash is required when the download is activated before the download continues in the background.

  • Lack of variety in the gameplay

  • The time of watching the picture animation is too much

  • Labelling seems distorted when selecting multiple pictures

  • The activity for the picture (In the Beginning), labels 8 days instead of 7. God rested on day 7 not day 8.

  • Options 6,7,8 images are too similar.

  • Sign-in via Google is not available but is available on YouVersion which is connected to the Bible for Kids App

  • Repetition of pictures. Low creativity in gameplay.

  • The Final Promise, Slide 3: The image does not depict what the scripture entails.

Every other level in this game-like product will likely have a lot of functional errors and/or biblical errors.


  • The user experience should be reviewed.

  • Use numbers for numbering instead of the spelt word

  • The name should be changed to Bible Stories for Kids.