NOSH Product Teardown

NOSH Product Teardown

Not sure you guys know about NOSH, but here is a breakdown of who they are and what they produce.

NOSH is a mobile application created by Nosh Nigeria, primarily for the purchase and sale of Gift Cards. Gift Cards are somewhat like coupons or debit cards that are specific to a particular product or company. For example, Amazon Gift cards are debit cards used for Amazon products. The same goes for iTunes, eBay and many more.

The application is for individuals that desire to sell their gift cards in Nigeria or Ghana.

These individuals are usually tech enthusiasts, tech lovers or just plain business people.

Delivery of this product is quite challenging but like every business, Nosh Nigeria finds a way of making money. The bulk of their funds come from transaction fees made from the sale of a gift card and also from other transactions performed on the application, like transfers and bill purchases. A possible fund generation method could be the resale of gift cards but this is yet to be proven.

Areas to Improve & Suggestions. Nosh is a growing system and will always have areas to improve on. For me here are a few I took note of.

  1. Creating an account seems smooth until you miss the 30 minutes email verification timeline. There is no way of recovering the account even if the password is changed. A fresh account with a new email address has to be used to use the app.

  2. The UI seems to be great generally but not appealing. The NOSH environment feels animated and playful. The icons conflict with the general experience of the application. The general sentiment of the application communicates "local community" while most of the icons communicate "foreign community".

  3. The writings on the forms are not legible enough. An increase in opacity or just a change of colour is required.

  4. Response time on the creation of a virtual account for a deposit seems very slow. A time upgrade needs to be done.

So if you have gift cards for sale, NOSH is a go-to.