LUMI Rewards Product Teardown

LUMI Rewards Product Teardown

LUMI REWARD by Lumi Developer

This product is for individuals, that desire to save while spending money.

Lumi Rewards is built for the everyday youth that desires extra cash. It can also be used majorly by small business owners.

Lumi Reward only makes money through advert placement on specific places on the app. The shop feature on Lumi is still under development. Perhaps it will be a means to make money for the application.

Major Features: Rewards Bill payment

The Rewards feature is linked with the Bill Feature as well as quizzes and games. For every bill made (airtime, utility bill, and others) a reward is given in points.

The product's simplicity and interface are great for everyone, especially for millennials and GenZs to use.

The major problem faced by Lumi is scaling the product. Taking it from just your regular app to everyday use by everyone.

Scaling through promotions and proper branding of the product. Using social media as a tool to promote the app (target audience uses social media).

A Demand Marketer, Product Marketing Manager and Branding Strategist are people to hire to help scale the app.