SWOT Analysis of the Habari App

Habari App was the first mobile platform in Nigeria created by a financial institution that focuses on enabling people’s needs and lifestyles rather than providing a limited bouquet or regular banking products.

It was a one-stop shop for everything lifestyle, chatting, payment and fun.

The application, which is now retired, had a great run. Here are a few things to note about the application.


· Is a one in all app, combining Shop, Games, Music, and Videos


· Due to its expressive nature and its multiple features, it is hard to really niche the application to a particular subject.

· Each feature has multiple competitors.

· The app might not be used to its total capacity by most of its users.

· It has a web-like loading feel which isn’t an attractive experience.

· It doesn’t have a great marketing presence.


· It has the ability to be a go-to product for everyday activities.

· Breaking features into multiple applications could further help in promoting the application.

· Credit purchase is an option that can be explored (with interest).


· Will attract multiple competitors’ attacks

It has the capability of dying out within a few periods of years