Product Teardown of Switch by Sterling

Product Teardown of Switch by Sterling

Problem Validation

For individuals that find it hard to send and receive money from selected countries. Switch by Sterling is a system made to help facilitate the transfer of funds internationally.

The main users of Switch are individuals with friends, families or work outside Nigeria.

Switch by Sterling is a product of Sterling Bank and therefore they make money through trading, transaction fees and more.


Send Money

Wallet (Fund Account)

Pay Bills



Send Money is a feature that enables users to send money from their wallet to their account (free of transaction fees), between Switch Accounts (free of transaction fees) and other banks or bank accounts (with transaction fee applied).

Fund Account: Like every other wallet feature, you get to fund the account through an existing account. It functions similarly to a regular bank application.

The Pay Bill Feature enables users to pay for day-to-day bills and more like recharge cards, light bills and more.

The Profile Feature enables users to organise and upload documents about themselves for verification and more in order to activate the account fully.

Account Feature is a feature that enables users to create multiple account types or connect an existing Sterling Bank Account to it.


The mobile application is very slow. Speed seems to be a serious problem with the system.

For the Android version, What keeps loading? The loading sign should be taken off. It keeps loading while the page has already been opened.

There are too many pages (screens) just for registration. Making the user experience difficult.

The app has to be refreshed sometimes before some pages function well.

Coming off the Settings screen, the Accounts and Sterling Accounts keep loading for minutes without completely opening. (Once this happens, the app has to be killed before being used again.)

The UI design seems disorganized at best.


The dark mode is needed urgently

The app seems to be a compiled version of a website. I may be wrong but all ideas point to this. The app is slow because the app is loading from a website. It is not a native app.

A new UI needs to be done with intentionality. The design seems to be forced.

If the application keeps functioning as it is right now, let it be killed.


More is expected from Sterling and they need to review their processes as pertain to applications and products they develop for the general public.

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