Product Teardown of Microvest

Product Teardown of Microvest

Microvest is a platform that carried out simple stock investment, savings, savings with interest, basic money transfers and a mini Social platform. The application is only available on Andriod OS and the web ( for now.

It is for individuals that want to live on a budget and want to discipline themselves based on goals they have in mind. Creating plans for themselves and working by them.

What Problem is being solved?

Due to the lack of budgeting and sticking with a budget, Microvest assists users to create goals that will help them perfect their budget and stick with it. But just saving is a waste of time. Saving without returns makes money redundant. Microvest helps users save with good investments to choose from.

Microvest uses similar features as the likes of Carbon, Piggyvest and Cowrywise (Each with its distinct differences).

Its savings platform also acts as an investment platform helping every user gain money while saving.


  • MiTarget

  • MiSafe

  • Send Money

  • MiLock

  • MiSocial

  • Wallet

  • Profile

MiTarget: Helps a user create a short-term financial goal.

MiSafe: Safe money for a period of time-based on the desired goal. Similar to a Target but could be long-term, based on the Amount to be raised.

Send Money: Send money to an existing account.

MiLock: Lock down a particular amount of money for a set period of time. The increment is allowed.

MiSocial: Mini Social Platform

Wallet: Visible/Digital wallet, containing the amount available on the app

Profile: Information of the user.

How do they make money:

From payments made for savings, money locks and targets. Investments from money attained.


A full redesign is advised

The system can be improved.

Its slow nature is sort of frustrating.